1. says

    Thanks for the kind words Justin. I got this graph from Gib Olander of Localeze. I thought it was kind of funny that Other is kicking local search butt. Shows just how fragmented this market is and how big the opportunity is.

  2. Justin Smith says

    Hey Andrew,
    I totally agree. I was also kind of surprised with Yahoo & Google. I find it hard to believe that Yahoo handles more local searches than Google.

  3. says

    Justin, I noticed I get a lot of traffic on my site related to the local business directory that I posted for my small town. I don’t think I’ll be putting any of these other sites out of business any time soon, but because I have more information about just that area, I come up top when people search for local businesses.…”Other” and proud of it :-)

  4. rhett says

    Numbers do not break down the way I imagined that they might. I would assume Google would have the largest share just like the general searches. To see their numbers that low and others higher is suprising. I wonder if respondents google searched and then went to superpages or another site.