The Value of Social Networking Relationships

This video post is all about why it’s important to build relationships online.

The Value of Social Networking Relationships from Justin Smith on Vimeo.
Social Networking is such a huge topic these days, but I don’t find many people that truly understand the value behind building online relationships.  Most people I meet are sort of haphazardly participating on these social networking sites and have a basic understanding of their value, but don’t really get the point.

This video attempts to explain that much of the value of networking online comes with tapping into a wider audience.


  1. says

    Excellent video on social networking. All of us need to spend time establishing those social skills more. Now, if we can simply find more hours in the day, that would be helpful, as well. It seems that as a blog reaches the audience intended, the workload increases thereby allowing less time for the social aspect.

    But, I do agree with you that it is necessary and certainly worthwhile.