The Golden Era for CMS WordPress Blogsites

It has been so cool to see the evolution of blogs in the last year. One of the biggest changes in my opinion has come with the look and feel of blogs. We haven’t necessarily seen any revolutions in content or even delivery aside from a few innovations. But the biggest shift has seem to come with design.

Since I’m a WordPress junkie; I love previewing and testing new themes…  I’m far from an expert on CSS or design, but I get a kick out of seeing the new designs that are out there. And nothing has impressed me more than the newer CMS (Content Management System) themes. So, I simply wanted to take a few minutes to preview a few of these themes for my readers.


Vibrant CMS by: Woo Themes

vibrant cms wordpress theme

You’ll immediately notice the lack of a blog on the home page.  I love the idea of having a huge attention grabbing slideshow right at the forefront that can be used to feature certain products and services.  The entire “storefront” of the site is all about the company/products/solutions the business has to offer.

But… this is still wordpress, so you have a very powerful blog engine built in, and you can see that the main page has a company/product news section that pulls right from the blog.

Revolution News Theme  by: Brian Gardner

Revolution News Theme for WordPress

The Revolution set of themes is really built for sites that are media centric.  The music, news and sports themes all have big emphasis on large picture headings and video.  These are all great options for the company that’s big on creating visually based content.

Magazine News Theme  by: Zidalgo

zidalgo wordpress theme

One of the biggest innovations in themes has been the move towards “magazine themes”.  These are themes that move away from the standard blog look and have really changed the way that content flows over the page.  Most of these themes have a featured post section that dominates the page like the one above, and also leave default space for advertisements which is another popular shift in blogs that is a topic for another day…


The mindshift that has come in blog design has been born out of the necessity for customization.  The standard blog layout had to be uprooted at some point.  I never thought I’d say it, but I’m getting sick of the same old reverse chronological order, categories, comments, Blah, Blah Blah…

It’s about time we had revolution in this area.  If you or your business is shopping around for a website design, a CMS blogsite may be the perfect solution.

WordPress Rocks the House

I am seriously falling in love with wordpress. It is hands down the best blogging platform out there, but I’m discovering that it’s pretty darn good as a general website design platform as well. I’ve had a couple of clients lately that I’ve built sites for based on wordpress, and it was really hard at first to convince them that I could build a “standard” website with it. They didn’t necessarily want a blog, but they wanted something that they could easily manipulate and add content to.

WordPress to the rescue! I explained to them that the blogging feature can really become secondary or not even exist if you don’t want it to. In wordpress, if you click on Options>>Reading you can set up the home page to be one of the subpages that you create instead of the blog itself. And that is exactly what I ended up doing for these last couple of sites.

Here they are: is a Drilling and Blasting Company based in Colorado, and they really didn’t quite get the concept of how a blog could help them, but wanted to make quick changes to the site, and so wordpress ended up being perfect for them. Hopefully later down the road, they will see the benefits of the blog structure and will start using it, but until then, they have a great site structure to work with. is kind of a pet project that I launched with my partner Jay under our company Searching Solutions. The basic idea was to create a site that could list all of the best businesses in our area. We transformed the comment section into a review section with a nice little star rating system, and opened up some categories for businesses to post promotions, coupons, events, etc. It came out great… and we were even able to add a forum for the town of Castle Rock with a cool plugin we found.

Anyway… I don’t usually write posts like this, but I’ve been so thrilled with wordpress lately. I’m no expert, but it’s been a blast building new sites on the platform and really getting some great functional results

Anyone have a wordpress testimonials they want to share?