Professional Website Review Service (SEO Audits)

I’m proud to announce the addition of a new product here at Searching Solutions.  Professional website reviews!

Those of you that know me, know that I’ve been offering real estate website reviews through the Real Estate Tomato for about a month now.  I’ve had such great feedback from these reviews that I’ve decided to expand this service to the greater public.

The reason I believe these reviews are so needed in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry is twofold:

First: There are plenty of tools out there that allow you to collect data on keywords, competition, structural analysis, etc.  But there are very few tools that actually synthesize the results for you in an understandable form.  None of them actually.  In all cases, it’s up to you to take the information and figure out how to implement it on your website.

Second: There are SEO companies out there that will give you a site audit and website review.  But these services don’t come cheap.  In most cases you are looking at $2,000+  for a website review/audit that goes into any kind of detail about your site.


The SEO industry could use a no-nonsense webiste review service that is: scalable, inexpensive, and easy to implement.

Here Are the Packages That We’re Offering:

#1:  Standard Website Review: ($99)

  • Keyword Suggestion Report
  • Volume of Searches for the Suggested Keywords
  • Structural Analysis Report  (Crawl Testing, Error Reports, Structural Integrity)
  • Full Backlink Report
  • Detailed Anchor Text Report
  • Google Current Ranking Report for Suggested Keywords
  • Detailed Beginner’s Guide to SEO (e-Book)

#2:  Advanced Website Review: ($149)

  • Includes the entire Standard Website Review Package
  • Meta Tag Suggestions for Top Pages (based on research from the Standard Review)
  • Competitive Analysis Report (identifies your top competitors)
  • Competition Reverse Engineered Report (intense research on your competition)
  • Link Building Guide (e-Book)

#3:  Comprehensive Website Review: ($199)

  • Includes the Standard and Advanced Website Review Packages
  • SEO Resource Guide (e-Book)
  • 1 on 1 coaching  (1 hour)

Screenshots of Website Reviews:  (click to expand)

Keyword Suggestion Report Website SEO Audit Report

Inbound link report keyword ranking report

seo audit Basic SEO Guide

Anchor Text Report pr report

anchor text link analysis google page rank

search enginestitle tag suggestions

reverse engineer competitionLikn Building Guide

Link Building for SEO

If you are interested in ordering or learning more, please click here to request your Custom Website SEO Review, or feel free to give me a call at: 720-670-0742.

Thank you!

Your Advocate For Online Success,

Justin Smith