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Farming For New Bloggers

Welcome to the Carnival of Real Estate #102

I had an awesome time last year hosting Carnival #45, and was pleasantly surprised last week when I found out from Drew that I was on the schedule again for this year. You’ll notice that I’m blogging on a different site, but I still work for the Christian Real Estate Network, and am still the director of coaching for the Real Estate Tomato.

In keeping with the tradition of last year… I decided to theme the carnival around a funny picture I found online. This year, it’s all about farming for new real estate bloggers. I thought it would be cool to feature some of the newer up and coming bloggers in the real estate arena. One of my favorite things about the carnival is discovering new blogs that I’ve never seen before. There is some great new talent out there, and I hope to be able to showcase some of it here.

So, without further ado, here are the top 3 winners for this week:

#1 “My Real Estate Investment Strategy Changes Again” | By: Jeff Wilcox of

Blogging since: March 30th 2008 – Never mind that Jeff was a Top Gun instructor in the Navy (WOW!), his talent as a blogger really impressed me. His angle as a real estate investor makes for some great reading. His style almost reminds me of a Casey Serin, without all the hype and drama. Thanks for the great article Jeff!

#2 “Don’t Trust What You See or Read on the MLS!” | By: Scott Ficek of

Blogging Since: August 6th 2007 – Scott is coming right up on his 1 year anniversary with this blog, and as I went all the way through the archives, I was really impressed with the quality of each post, and how his writing has improved over time. Scott should probably be considered a veteran blogger, but since it hasn’t been a year yet, and technically, according to the CREST Study, the median start date for real estate blogs is Aug. 1st 2007, I thought he deserved to be on this list as one of the up and coming bloggers.

This article was a fun read. I’m a sucker for articles that show bad MLS photos. He points out why you should never trust the info you see on the MLS because often times it can be misleading, or downright wrong. Thanks Scott!

#3 “Planning For Higher Gas Prices” | By: Patrick Duffy of

Blogging Since: November 12th 2007 – Patrick looks to be a long time real estate writer/journalist. His stuff has been published since 2006, but it appears that he just started blogging in late 2007. The professional style shows, and most of his posts get right down to business. I could easily see him writing for a blog like Bloodhound. Patrick’s article went over some of the implications of rising costs in energy, and how it is affecting the housing market.

Runner Ups:

Look Who’s Moving To Colts Neck” – By: Sarah Bandy of (Blogging since: Sept. 7th 2007)

HR 3221 – Good For Tallahassee” – By: Joe Manausa of (Blogging Since: Jan. 8th 2008)

Bush Signs Historic Housing & Economic Recovery Act” – By: Michael Bergin of (Blogging Since: Jan. 30th 2008)

Thanks for everyone who participated this week! And thanks again to Drew for organizing a great Carnival!