New Search Engine Long Tail Statistics

Hot off the press… Hitwise just published updated statistics on long tail queries and search engine market share. Have a look!

Search Engine Long Tail Statistics

*** Based on the percentage changes above, we can see that long tail searches are dominating on the search engines.  People are starting to realize that they can get better results on more descriptive phrases.  If there was ever a case to create more descriptive content, this is it!!!

Search Engine Market Share Stats

*** This table shows Google’s continuing dominance.  The most surprising stat here is the 15% decline in Yahoo’s market share!  That is a huge drop in just a year.  The search engine wars are officially over and a clear winner has emerged.

What does this mean for you and your business??  Well if you read this blog regularly, it doesn’t mean much.  You are prepared, because I’ve always been a major proponent of quality conent and lots of it.  Keep writing those descriptive articles, keep creating valuable content, and pay close attention to this blog…  there are some changes afoot with the Google algorithm, and you’ll want to be paying close attention…  STAY TUNED!!


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    This is so true. I have been opting for long-tail keywords for quite some time. Searchers are realizing that by searching for a phrase instead of a keyword you can get more valuable results. Regards!

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    Great Post! You confirmed what I’ve been reading in many forums. Long tail searches are on the rise and seem to be receiving much better rank and traffic. I’ve been implementing this strategy recently on one of my websites and have seen a sharp increase on more focused terms.