How I Sold My ActiveRain Profile for $6,750.00

You heard it here folks.  Damion Foxworthy is now the proud new owner of my ActiveRain profile.  The story behind the sale follows…I’m sure many of you have heard the controversy about the sale of MMORPG characters and goods.  It is quite an industry actually, complete with overseas sweatshops where workers will spend hours mining for gold in World of Warcraft, or building up an Everquest Character for resale.  You can even buy 50,000 “Linden” dollars on ebay for only $199.99, in the popular online universe known as second life.  I even wrote a post about it a while back that discussed the implications of a lady that became the first millionaire from selling virtual goods.

It’s an interesting topic… and it got me thinking.  If people can sell virtual goods and money, why not ActiveRain points? ActiveRain isn’t a game or an online virtual world, but it does deal with a potential commodity called: points.

In the early days of ActiveRain, it was pretty common to see people gaming the system for points.  Writing 10 junk posts a day, or commenting 50 times a day just to build their points.  But as AR has evolved there have been measures put in to make sure that in order for people to get ahead, they have to actually work at it.  Which makes the points that much more valuable.

Let’s discuss the value of points for a moment…  As most of you know, points can help you get ahead of your competition in any given market.  You can see here that I am currently listed in Colorado.  Ranked 7th in Colorado, 2nd in Douglas County, and 1st in the town of Castle Rock.  Not Bad!


But, lets say I decided to sell my profile to a real estate agent in Virginia… it’s a hugely populated state, and represents a huge real estate market segment.  But, there is very little competition for points.  Meaning if I were to switch my profile to Virginia…

I suddenly catapult to the number 2 position in Virginia, 1st in Arlington County, and 1st in Arlington.  Pretty amazing!


Not only does the profile now catapult me to the top of the Virginia members, but it also gets me to the home page of activerain for all the people from Virginia viewing the site!


It struck me like a ton of bricks the other day that my AR profile is valuable!!!  And somebody might pay some serious dough to get an instant high placement in the state they work in.  So, I went ahead and sold it to the highest bidder.  I considered the fact that many of the AR member would be angry, frustrated, or even hostile. And if you happen to have read this far into the paragraph you’ll be happy to know that none of this is actually true.  I haven’t sold my profile, I just wanted to see what kind of reaction it would get from the AR community.  What if tomorrow you woke up and saw a profile selling for $6,000 on ebay?  Would you be mad, upset, surprised, frustrated?  What?  Points are important to alot of people… whether you are trying to beat your competitor to the home page or AR, or trying to get to that coveted first spot on localsim.  Points on AR are the underlying thing that drive the community.

The other issue to selling an AR profile is the content.  What do you do with it?  Let the person have it for free?  Place a CC license on it so they can’t duplicate it?  You have to ask yourself, are you willing to let all that content slip away… how valuable is it to you?

Points rule activerain… and I plan to make a fortune from selling AR profiles.  Who’s with me???


  1. says

    Justin, Wow, you certainly had a revelation! Change your profile to Maryland, and I will be the first to bid! Will you take an IOU?

  2. says

    Justin – loved the article. I, too, was wondering how you did it…and I was ready to go. My points ought to be worth something, huh? Hey, the holidays are approaching and I have no closings on the immediate horizon.


  3. Indy Realtor says

    Justin – I may now have to reevaluate the points I have and whether to accumulate more for future value…….

  4. says

    Wow, that’s a pretty innovative idea. I’m not so sure AR is really worth putting a lot of time into, but obviously a lot of people do. I’ve got a small profile on AR but I’ve gotten very few referrals from it.

    By the way, I found your blog through Bloodhound, where this post was nominated for an award of some sort. Good luck!

  5. says

    Very good spoof. If only there was a way to monitize my AR account which has 80K of points, I would likely sell it, I really am starting to believe that AR is a diminishing property.

  6. says

    Amazing blog post, I’m not sure of my AR points situation. I know plenty of people sell myspace accounts so I guess it’s not different. Web traffic is worth so much money these days.

  7. says

    Wow I never thought of it that way, but I could see this happening sometime soon. 6k could be a low number, it could be more like 15k if the points are high enough, and if it has a good Google PR.

  8. says

    Very interesting theory. I’m not sure what someone would pay for an AR profile. But some people are very into getting those points, myself to some point as well. First page placement is worth something for sure. hmmm…

  9. says

    I don’t know if I would pay over 6k for a profile with under 100k points. I was active on Active Rain in the very beginning but started a new profile in what I think was April and have already accumulated over 12k points through moderate use and not paying attention to my points accumulation.

    I could spend that $6,000 on online marketing and generate the same results. In fact, I could outsource it overseas and for $6,000 I could pay someone $2 an hour to get me a half million points using genuine content that they write.

    Luckily, I keep plenty busy enough as it is.

  10. says

    …another thing I have noticed about Active Rain is that a lot of the “busier” people on Active Rain are not as busy in their actual career. Sure, there are some superstars with a high point count (you may be one of them — I have no idea — never saw you on there), but just like Tila Tequila is a MySpace celebrity who does not do much outside of MySpace and two seasons of a reality show, there are Active Rain celebrities who are not doing too much outside of the cyber world.

  11. says

    I would sell mine for that kind of cash but like you said you haven’t sold yours yet. As a MMORPG gamer, my choice is LOTRO, I have seen gold spammers and character selling but it takes the fun out of it for me.

    But for marketing positioning it would be a smart business solution to immediately be top in a region and would be interested to know if AR would take actions to prevent profile selling.

  12. says

    hahah i thought you really got paid from it ..but your idea is interesting and very attracting .. i realized that i might be able to do the same with my visitor tracker – have 100+ visitors a day. but im thinking i might not be able to make the same website for real estate ..

  13. says

    Before I had much RE experience I knew enough to brand my website not with my name, but with a generic phrase I could sell to someone at a later time. I don’t want to be out showing houses when I’m 80. When you figure out how to sell points I will be the first to jump on the bandwagon!

  14. says

    To say that your idea was thought provoking is an understatement. We are always looking for ways to think outside of the box. Keep the great ideas coming!

  15. says

    Ha! You had me there.

    But seriously, selling your profile is different than selling digital currency. The new owner never did those things that created the points!

  16. says

    that is a good effort, very few people do that. but what about the selling of your profiles and digital currency? But, When you figure out how to sell points I will be the first to jump on the bandwagon!

  17. says

    Justin, I never did figure out why those points were so valuable! I believe I’d sell my points (I have so many!) in a heartbeat but I would never want to lose my content, that’s YEARS of hard work on those blogs. This was certainly an eye-opener, I’m glad I saw it.

  18. says

    At one point my AR profile was a PR 5 site. That was when I was very active in blog commenting, writing blog posts, etc. It has since dropped to PR2, but with a little work I bet I can get it back up again.

  19. says

    I want to be the first in 2010 to comment, I thought it was real, and was interested because I was aware of the WOW profiles people sold. Was an interesting post, nonetheless!