Awesome New Tool for Agents… Gotta Love Free Stuff

Agent Resource Center

Wanted to share a resource with you guys that I’m pretty excited about…

It’s called the U.S. Inspect “Agent Resource Center“, and it’s basically an online resource that provides free content for real estate professionals. There are print, web, and video resources that can all be used freely in on & offline materials. Some can even be white labeled as if they were being provided directly by you. It’s a pretty incredible tool…

As most of you know, content can be very hard to come by unless you are prepared to make a significant investment in your time to create it. As bloggers on Active Rain, you know this all too well… it can be very challenging to continually come up with great content. But, in this competitive space, that is what is required in order to be a successful blogger/agent.

Customers are looking for valuable information about the buying & selling process. One of the most important topics for your customers is information about the home. What better peoeple to provide this kind of information than the experts: home inspectors.

U.S. Inspect is providing this tool completely free of charge to agents and real estate professionals, and I’m continually impressed with the quality of the content. So as you are looking for content or material for flyers, handouts, blogs, websites, email newsletters, etc… keep this tool in mind.

Here are a few examples of the kind of content you can get from the ARC (Agent Resource Center):


Print Based Content

All of the print based resources are offered in a Word document, pdf & txt versions.

  • The Word documents can be editing easily to add your own logo and content information.
  • The pdf versions are ready to print! Just download and start printing or emailing to customers.
  • The text versions are meant to be used on websites or emails to customers. All of the formatting is stripped out so you can manipulate the meat of the content as you see fit.

Example Print Content

U.S. Inspect has created a create video tutorial on how to add your logo and contact information to these print resources:


Web Based Content

U.S. Inspect has always provided great web based content for agents, but has just recently provided it in a great format for easy use. All of the blog posts, articles and informational pages can be copied and used freely under a creative commons license. There are also a number of embeddable widgets and tools that can be used.

Here are a couple of examples of web resources you can use:

Helpful Hint: When you see this at the bottom of a page, on the U.S. Inspect website, you can freely copy and paste the article into your website:


Video Content

U.S. Inspect has created some great videos on components of the home and maintenance related topics. These are perfect for website content pages. Videos can be found here. See below for an example video:



As far as I’m concerned, this is an unprecedented tool being provided completely free of charge by U.S. Inspect!!

Here is a quote from a blog post they just published today announcing the release:

“We’ve taken our inspector’s collective knowledge about the home and applied it to printable flyers, short videos and web content. All the content has been developed with average homeowners in mind as the audience, rather than hard core do-it-yourselfers. Directly from the site, real estate professionals can add their logo or brand to flyers and easily copy videos and Web tools to their website or blog, making the information available to their own clients. It’s all free, no sign up needed!”

Feel free to browse the library for educational or marketing ideas at any time at:



Full Disclosure: U.S. Inspect is a client of AffinityXM where I am the VP of Online Services