5 Reasons Why Your Company Doesn’t Need More Domain Names

In the classes I teach, this is a topic that comes up quite frequently. A company will already have a website that does pretty well in the search engines and is generating business. But the company gets an idea in their head (I’m not sure from where) that more domain names will equal more business.

There are some problems with this mentality…

1. New Domain Names = More Time & Money to Develop

Just because you have a new domain name, doesn’t mean you automatically have a website. This is obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people simply don’t understand this. You are going to have to put something on that new domain name and that is going to take time and money. Why do this when you already have a perfectly good website?

Some people buy domains only to have them redirected to the original website. What is the point of this? Why would you market a new domain name only to have it point back to a different site? Branding comes into play with domain names like I talk about in reason 4. Just because you have more domain names doesn’t mean you’re going to get more traffic to the original site.

2. Multiple Domain Names Waters Down Your Search Engine Ranking Effectiveness

This is an important point. Assuming you purchase multiple domains with the plan of marketing them individually… this is really going to water down your potential to build incoming links. As you may or may not know, the number of incoming links to a domain is one of the most important factors in search engine ranking. When you set up multiple domain names, and market them separately, those links are being spread too thin. All that hard work you spent building 1,000 links spread over 10 different domain names should have been focused on building 1,000 for 1 domain name giving that one domain maximum effectiveness in the search engines.

3. Multiple Domain Names Water Down Your Brand

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the fact that a domain name is a branding tool. Most businesses will use their company name in a domain name by default. Which is good, unless you’re one of those companies that are just looking for a one time sale, branding is very important online.

Branding a domain name properly online is key to return traffic. If people don’t remember your domain name, they probably won’t be visiting your site. And even if they try to find you in the search engines, they will become confused at all your different domains (see reason 4).

They want to type in a search phrase in Google, and find the same domain name at the top (yours) every time. It creates customer loyalty, it gives your customers peace of mind, and your customers will be alot more likely to remember it next time.

4. Creating Multiple Domains is a Surefire way to Confuse Your Customers

Coupled with the idea of branding a domain name online…

You want to give your customers peace of mind. It can truly become confusing for a customer when they can’t figure out which domain name is yours. This is especially true on the search engines when a customer is trying to find your company on the search engines, but instead of finding your main website, they see instead all these other domain name variations. It can quickly become very confusing for a customer. With all the websites out there, customers want consistency, and this plays huge into your branding efforts online.

5. Novelty Domain Names Don’t Work

We’ve all seen this… Mountain Dew will have some new promotion or contest and will create a novelty domain like: www.DewMocracy.com This comes from an old-school ad mentality, that assumes a brand can be built around a catch phrase. In reality, this has only worked a handful of times. It’s not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to offline marketing to build a slogan for brand awareness, but when you move into the online world, there is very little evidence of it working. Every single time I’ve gone to one of these novelty domains, I find that they get little to no traffic, and all they do is confuse the customer in a huge way, and spread incoming links too thin. A much better strategy would be to tie that new promotion into a directory of the primary domain, like this: www.mountaindew.com/dewmocracy That way, any incoming links that the catch phrase or promotion generates will still go towards building the overall authority of the main domain name. I cringe whenever I see novelty domain names being used, they are such a waste and rarely produce results.


Anyways… if you’re trying to come up with unique online marketing ideas, multiple domain names is not the way to go. Give us a call and we can give you some ideas that do work.


  1. says

    Justin – There is another team here in town who have at least a dozen domains. The biggest problem is that they post the same post to ALL of them. Some of the domains are for one town and the others another town and they cross post town information on all sites. I don’t see what the point is and I can’t see them coming up very high in Google with such duplicate content. I only have two sites, one a blog and one a standard website. It is all I can do to manage both of them let alone several.

  2. Justin Smith says

    Hey Ashley,
    Thanks for commenting. If they haven’t run into duplicate content problems already, they will in the near future. All that duplication is probably causing Google to just devalue many of their sites rendering them useless in the serps.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. says

    Are you talking about just main domain names? I have done some extensive marketing research and using subdomains is very effective. For instance we have a page on our website that is info on short sales so I bought the name short-sales-florida.com and that takes them to my same website but my landing page is where they will want to be so that is where they land. This is a very effective marketing tool.

  4. Justin Smith says

    Hi Katerina,
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure what you mean about subdomains because the example you gave is not a subdomain.

    It sounds like you are just talking about a 301 redirect from a novelty domain to another page of your main website. There is nothing necessarily wrong with doing that, but I would caution you to read reasons 3-5 on my post to see why I disagree with their use. And in regards to your search engine ranking, it is pretty much useless.

  5. says

    I would say keeping at least one aged domain name and building some relevant content to your main site is a good idea. If something were to happen to your main domain, such as a penalty from a search engine (god forbid), it would be smart to have another domain ready to go.

  6. says

    If Mountain Dew didn’t buy DewMocracy.com, after advertising the slogan in numerous ads then a competitor or little Adsense punk probably would anyway, so I see it as brand preservation

  7. says

    My domain right now is my name – andrewlafleur.com. For SEO purposes I think it would be better if I had something with a key word in the domain. But I already have so much time and effort invested in andrewlafleur.com. Is there some way I can change the domain name or add a domain name to my marketing strategy to take advantage of the best of both worlds (so to speak)???